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Last updated: September 24th 2016

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EO’s and Cancer Support

Cancer unlike other diseases scares many people just by mentioning it when you reflect on people who may have been victims of this dangerous disease. Medical research show that in every two men and one in a group of three women will in one way or another will experience cancer by the time they turn 85, which means that if you are not yet diagnosed, chances are that you may be helping someone who is a victim.

Cancer identification brings forth strong feelings from the patient and the immediate supporters, since it is one of the main complicated and hard to treat of any disease associated to human beings. These oils are the oldest form of medication. Therefore, though patients will have to consult doctors for preliminary care, the following ideas for natural therapies with essential that may be included in the medication process.

Stimulation of immune system

Improving the immune system function, specifically in the initial stages of cancer and before starting more detailed treatment, is part of effectual cancer medication. Oils may be used as a natural method to approach immune system boosting for various types of cancer. However, the immune system promotion is not efficient for people with leukemia or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It’s advisable to consult a physician before using the essential oils.

The most effective oils that help control many types of cancer like; skin, breast, cervical, prostrate and many more include Balsam Fir, Thyme, Sandalwood, Orange and Tsuga. These oils can be swallowed as a capsule by mixing about 7 drops of the essential oil with carrier oil, and as the quantity increases can be taken in a maximum of six capsules in a day. The patient can develop resistance to a particular oil with time. Therefore, it’s very important to change the oil that you are using in every 3-4 weeks.

Radiation treatment and chemotherapy

Even though radiation and chemotherapy are two diverse methods of treatment, they are regularly used simultaneously and can eliminate some side effects. The following are some natural ways in which oils can support your body while in process of radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

  • Neuritis is a common side effect of radiation and is treatable with Melrose lavender or nutmeg. Use 2-4 drops mixed with carrier oil on the affected areas for about three to four times in a day. These oils can also be used with a cold compress on the areas that are affected for about 2-3 times each day.
  • Radiation can harshly spoil the skin and some important organs, so use of calm, antioxidant oils accompanied by appropriate nutrition internally will assist in minimizing the damage. Use a hyssop, peppermint, frankincense or sandalwood and apply by diluting with carrier oil and massage the affected part 1-2 times each day.
  • Nausea and stomach distress are frequent side effects of both treatment and may be calmed by using nutmeg, ginger or peppermint. Dilute about 2 drops with the carrier oil and rub behind every ear and over navel. The oils can also be used with a warm squeeze over stomach as required or inhaled straight from the bottle.
  • Chemotherapy is able to break down the blood cells while damaging the cancerous tissues. Cypress helps to rebuild white blood cells and may be applied directly on the skin, taken orally or inhaled from the bottle.

Affection healing

In conclusion, upholding emotional and positive health is a challenging aspect but at the same time very important in the treatment process for the patient and their support team. A few essential oils can be used to enhance emotional health and healing. Therefore, it is advisable to use different oils till you find which one suits you. You can try these blends; Valor, Joy, Peace, Calming and Gratitude